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Enhance Your Child’s Capacity to Learn


Did you know that cognitive development is crucial for our children? Cognitive skills like attention, memory, and decision making greatly influences the kinds of achievements or challenges our children experience in their daily lives. We all want the best for them, and it starts with brain training. 

A Good Brain Allows for Good Grades

Studies have shown that children with better cognitive skills do well in school. They are critical for learning, reading, memorising, focusing, and problem solving. Just as physical exercise keeps our body in good shape, brain training lets us flex and strengthen our mental muscles.


1. As cognitive skills relate to a child’s IQ, weak skills can impact a child’s learning efficiency or ability to perform daily tasks.


2. Cognitive skills may also have a strong influence on a child’s future career success.


3. The right form of brain training can enhance a child’s cognitive development.


4. By training from as early as possible, the brain is able to better absorb and retain the skills learnt.

Gain The Advantage

With years of development and collaboration with renowned research institutes and professionals, Neeuro, together with Smiling Star, has created modern and fun learning solutions as well as a curriculum to give your child a head start for a sharper mind. 

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