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Smiling Star Child Care centre was established in 2004 and moved on to become Smiling Star International Preschool in 2015.


Smiling Star International Pre-school thrives to develop your child into a global city citizen. With the rise in globalisation throughout the years, Singapore has become to be a diverse multicultural society and grew into one of the most cosmopolitan states in the world today. Many future opportunities await in Singapore for our future generation and we believe it is important that we equip your child with the necessary 21st century skills to survive in the globalising world from a very young age. We also provide a holistic education for your child to make sure that he will become an all-rounder in all areas of aspects, through our specially created curriculum and programmes for children 18 months old to 6 years 11 months .


For the vast amount of time spent in our centre, we understand that we have an important role to play in your child’s developing years in all aspects – physical, intellectual, emotional, social, aesthetics, creative potential and child eagerness to learn, etc. Rest assure that we bring to you the best quality of our programme and your child will become like no other in our hands.


Specially Created Curriculum

We make use of many different ways to teach:

  1. Trilingual Curriculum
  2. Arts & Craft
  3. Music & Movement
  4. Show & Tell
  5. Physical Education
  6. Use IT Teaching to widen knowledge


Trilingual Curriculum

We engage the children in a trilingual curriculum, having English and Chinese as compulsory mediums to learn, as well as a third language – Malay. They may also opt for another additional language - Tamil, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, etc. With the world becoming increasing integrated and that people are constantly travelling, this trilingual curriculum that we have will equip your child with the basis of an additional language that will greatly benefit your child in the future.


Our centre also provides Han Yu Pin Yin and Phonics and SCCR (Speedy Chinese Character Recognition) programmes in the curriculum; this will allow our children to be ready for Primary School education as reading is the most important skills required for  learning.


In addition to this curriculum programme, we have two other enrichment programmes where children can opt for to facilitate faster and better learning – Chinese Speech and Drama & Gymnastic to develop students' self-confidence and self-esteem in our Preschool. 


Cultural interaction with people of other races, religions & traditions

We accept children of all races and religions, giving our children the opportunity to interact with children of other races and religions, creating a multi-racial environment. Our children will learn each other’s culture and customs, as well as developing social interaction skills that is essential for the globalising world.



We teach our children values – all of them have to go through Di Zi Gui 弟子规, where they learn about filial piety, respect, etc. Knowledge and skills are always underpinned by values as they define one’s characters, shaping one’s beliefs, attitudes and behaviour, which is crucial to surviving in the globalising world.



Our children will also learn interpersonal skills where they will learn to become independent. We engage them in practical life skills such as cooking, cleaning, etc.


Children Camp once a year

We believe learning is fun and should not be constrained to just inside the classroom. This promotes independency and self-awareness to the surroundings.


Standard of Procedure

All staffs in Smiling Star are trained and professional in their conduct to make sure that good standards of care and education are in place.


Parental Involvement

We work with parents hand in hand to nurture our children together by maintaining open channels of communication and developing frequent formal and informal interactions between us and the parents.


We also have the E-portfolio where parents can log in to our system online to keep track of their child’s learning status.


Parents are welcomed to sit in our centre to visit and participate in our activities so as to create a sense of belonging between the school, parents and students.


Course Details

The following are the services we provide :


Full day and half day childcare and preschool services for children from age 18 months to 6 years 11 months old from 7am to 7pm.



Age Group


 18 Months to 30 Months

Nursery 1

 2 1/2 years old

Nursery 2

 3 to 4 years old

Kindergarten 1

 4 to 5 years old

Kindergarten 2

 6 years 11 months  


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