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We train children to become a skilled reader. The children will be able to identify words quickly, accurately and proficient at decoding words.

Decoding words involves converting the printed word by sounding it out, using context clues, using structural analysis, or recognizing the word by sight.


In order to sound out words, a reader must be able to associate a specific spelling with a specific sound. Phonics involves this relationship between sounds and their spelling.


Children will be train on the following :

  • Automatic word recognition
  • Comprehension of text
  • Development of love of literature 
  • Desire to read


Course Details

Phonics Time
The phonic letter is introduced through music and movement.
Story Time
This build the understanding and listening skills of children.
Reading Time
Every children have their own reader and the child's interest in reading will be cultivated.
Fun Time
Activity games are used to reinforce on what they have learnt.
Revision Time
All phonic letters taught are revised before the end of each lesson.

Suitable Age Group

Children aged 3 to 7 years old


1.5 Hour  Weekly












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