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   Help your child acquire a good head start

                                          for Primary One !


Course Objective


To equip K2 students with essential skills in oral, reading comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, spelling and creative writing in preparation for primary school education.



Programme Syllabus


The programme syllabus covers topics like:

               •  Spelling

               •  Show and Tell

               •  Grammar – Nouns, Pronouns, Interrogatives, Verbs To Be, Tense, Adjectives, Prepositions,

                   Connectors and more                                                                                                                   

               •  Reading Comprehension – Sentence Cloze, Multiple-Choice and Open-Ended Questions

               •  Vocabulary – People, Places, Parents & Their Young, Gender, Antonyms, Similes and more

               •  Writing – Sentences, Guided Story Writing and Creative Writing




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