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Primary School for International Students


Take a chance to experience primary school life in Singapore


Our primary school for international students follows the Ministry of Education syllabus (English, Mathematics & Science) and we prepare our students for AEIS and PSLE examinations.


Our experienced and committed teachers create a positive learning environment and execute lessons using our 5Cs framework.


These 5Cs are interlinked together. With good curriculum and construction of lesson plans, along with the school’s culture and character, the classroom is set to influence a positive learning effect.


Education talks about 2 things – to be a good person and to have good skills. Our primary school promotes a culture of respectful and fun learning, along with the importance of good moral values in our students. We plan our curriculum and execute daily lesson plans to our students and ensure that they are clear and achievable of the learning objectives. With these in mind, we set up our classroom to be along with what we want to enrich our students with, creating a positive learning environment for your child.


We strongly believe in working hand in hand with parents so that we can deliver the best out of your child and develop them into future leaders with good character and skills in preparation for the interconnected global world.


For the convenience and safety of your child, we also offer Student Care Services in the School Premise After School.


Give us a call at 62571101 or email us at sales@smilingstar.com.sg to find out more about our primary school for international students.

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