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At Smiling Star’s summer camp, international students will be able to experience the culture and education system of Singapore. This would help them in the future when they decide to further their studies in Singapore.


Why Singapore?

Singapore, in less than 50 years, it has gone from an impoverished island with no natural resources and a population a majority of whom were illiterate to a country of 4.7 million people with living standards that match those of the most highly developed industrial nations. Education is definitely one factor for Singapore’s success. Ranking 1st in the OECD’s global educational ranking 2015, Singapore education compromises of 4 stages. Preschool Education, Primary Education, Secondary Education and Tertiary Education. International students will be able to experience different stages of education according to their age group. 


Specially Created Curriculum

  1. Visiting the places of interest
  2. Site visit to schools
  3. Student and Cultural Exchange
  4. English classes
  5. Realistic role play of Singapore’s work life
  6. Experiencing of Singaporean’s lifestyl

Visiting the places of interest 


Students will be visiting places like National Museum Merlion Park, New Water Plant, Singapore Zoo, Jurong bird park and Singapore Science Centre. Through visiting  the different places, students would be able to understand more about Singapore’s history, culture, learn about the different types of animals and birds that can be found in the tropical climate and also interesting science facts while conversing in English.


Site Visit to Schools 


Students will get to visit Primary School, Secondary School and also the National University of Singapore which is ranked 12th in the 2015 Qs World University Ranking. They will also get to explore the schools and also understand how lessons are conducted in Singapore. 


Student and Cultural Exchange 


Students will get to interact with local students and practice communicating in English. Through this experience, students will be able to make new friends and at the same time share and learn their different experience from one another.  


Realistic Role play of Singapore's working life


Students will be going to KidsZania Singapore to experience how it is like to work in a Singapore company. With a wide range of jobs such as doctor, air stewardess, driving instructor, Bankers and many more, they would be able to put the things that they have learnt into use, conversing in English while doing the various activities in Kids Zania.


English Class


Smiling Star’s English class will allow students to learn Basic English skills and tenses used in everyday life. A step-by-step approach emphasise on vocabulary building and conversation would develop basic speaking skills quickly. With practical themes and methods crafted, students would be able to practice conversing through the different activities organised during the summer camp. This will allow students to carry out conversations in English with the correct grammatical rules and proper sentence structures. Upon completion of the summer camp, students should be able to handle daily activities, communicate confidently through speaking and presenting themselves in front of others. 


Experiencing Singaporean's Lifestyle 


Students will get the opportunity of understanding how Singaporeans commute every day by travelling on Singapore’s Mass Rapid Transport (MRT). Other than travelling on MRT, students will be able to experience ordering food from our local food eatery. They will also visit the East Coast Park, Pula Ubin, MacRitchie Tree Top Walk and also Universal Studio Singapore to experience the different activities that Singaporeans usually do during their weekends or public holidays. 






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