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Young Scientist Programme


Make your child’s first memories of science fun and


meaningful with our Young Scientist Programme!



A program designed to awaken and strengthen your child's interest in Science, Young Scientist brings  you its fun-filled and educational curriculum using hands-on approach in learning scientific concepts. The kids certainly will have fun in theme-based experiments and investigations in Chemistry, Biology, Physics,  Earth Science and other fascinating Science branches. We make learning Science an enjoyable experience as we let the students build, create, and discover answers to their questions in a safe and conducive environment.


Let the curiosity of young minds be developed. Tap on your child's exploration skills as there is a scientist in each of them.


Some experiments we do are related to volcanoes, density, fossils, astronomy and etc.


Through this programme, we seek to:
- Activate a child’s curiosity and encourage them to seek answers on their own.
- Develop a love for learning through experiential science
- Learn simple science while having fun.

Course Details


Age Group

Course Term


K1 & K2

Once a week, conducted over

12 weeks

1.25 hours per lesson


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