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Mr. Jimmy New, PBM incorporated Smiling Star in the Year of 2001. He is an active grassroots leader and has been serving the community since year 1992. The following are the appointments which he held during his years of community service.





Year 2013 to 2019


 Chairman, Woodlands Primary School SAC


Year 2013 to 2019



 Vice-Chairman, Woodgrove CCC


Year 2013 to 2015


Chairman, Woodgrove C2E



Year 2004 to 2013


  Vice-Chairman, Woodlands Primary School SAC


Year 2011 to 2013


Treasurer , Woodgrove CCC



Year 2011 to 2013


Chairman, Woodgrove IRCC



Year 2007 to 2011


Chairman, Marsiling IRCC



Year 2006 to 2011


Vice-Chairman, Fuchun Community Club



Year 2004 to 2006


Chairman, Marsiling CCC Educational committee


Year 2004 to 2006


Secretary, Marsiling CCC



Year 2002 to 2009


Vice-Chairman Marsiling Civil Defence Committee


Year 2001 to 2009


Council Member, Sembawang Town Council


Year 1995 to 2004


Chairman Marsiling Zone 9 RC



Year 1992 to 1996


Vice-Chairman Bukit Panjang Youth Executive Committee




Message from Our Founder - Mr Jimmy New CT, PBM


In Smiling Star, we want our children, teachers, staffs and partners to be successful and outstanding in what they are doing so that they can shine like a star. They must also enjoy in what they are doing so that everyone is a Smiling Star.


As practitioners of pedagogy, we study how children learn and it is with this understanding that we strive to keep them interested in and entertained by knowledge, allowing them to absorb tremendous amount of knowledge without much effort.


We also believe that education is not just how much a person can accept and reproduce on what they had learned. It includes how a person can network with others, inference others and being a good person.


We seek to be a one-stop educational provider that gives parents the option to fulfill all their children's educational needs. Be it through enrichment programmes, courses or interaction opportunities, they are designed to equip our youths of tomorrow with interpersonal and communication skills and good behavior.


We aim to bring our quality programme and affordable services to Community Clubs, Schools, Voluntary Welfare Organizations, Learning/Tuition Centres, Kindergartens, Childcare Centres and to the regional countries.