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  • Sole distributor of Meiji Fresh milk to Childcare centres and Kindergartens
  • To encourage children to start drinking milk during the young age
  • To Build bone mass during young age
  • To cultivate a good habit of drinking milk as it's a healthy drink



Advantages Of Milk 


Milk is a good source of calcium, which is needed to form healthy bones and teeth.For children, 250ml of milk a day should give the body all the calcium it needs. Milk also contains animal proteins, Vitamin E, Omega 3 ,essential fatty acids and important minerals including magnesium, zinc and potassium. Recent studies suggest that drinking milk in moderation can help prevent osteoparosis and heart disease.


Healthy Drinking - Milk Programme


Currently Health Promotion Board is encouraging children to consume 250ml of milk in childcare centre as to build their bone mass during young age.


Why Choose Meiji Fresh Milk ?


Meiji Fresh Milk has been awarded by Health Promotion Board as a healthy drinking products and we would encourage children to drink fresh milk than powdered milk as our fresh milk is pasteurised and has many nutrients Including vitamins that not lost compared to powdered milk. Fresh Milk has no preservative added. Powdered Milk has a disavantage that It never tastes like the real thing.


Our Service 


We provide delivery to Childcare Centres and Kindergartens.


For Sales Equiries:


Tel: 6257 1101